Whether the quality of desks and chairs for students is qualified is directly related to the service life and use experience of desks and chairs in the future. At this stage, there are a large number of desks and chairs manufacturers, each with its own production process . At present, there is no unified industry standard, and the quality of the desks and chairs produced is inevitably uneven. So what are the basic characteristics that our student desks and chairs need to have to meet the needs of users.

1.Moisture-proof and water-resistant

The desktop part of the desks and chairs has moisture-proof and water-resistant properties. It is impossible for students not to touch water during use, so the moisture-proof and water-resistant properties of the desks and chairs must meet the standard.

2. Flame retardant performance

Special attention should also be paid to the flame retardant performance of desks and chairs, which is responsible for the lives of students, especially for high school students, the flame retardant performance of desks and chairs in the laboratory must meet the relevant requirements.

3. Guide round edge

The desktops of desks and chairs should be designed with rounded edges, which can greatly reduce the collision damage of desks and chairs to students and provide students with a good learning environment. Four, the desktop does not miss
The desktop of desks and chairs is the main place for students to study, so there should be no nails on the desktop of desks and chairs, so as to avoid scratching students and keep the desktop flat.

5. Environmental issues

The environmental protection problems of desks and chairs are mainly manifested in the desktops. The desktops are in direct contact with the students’ bodies, and they are even closer to the students. Therefore, the base material of the desks and chairs should be environmentally friendly , with qualified formaldehyde emission and no peculiar smell.

6.Performance issues

The performance of desks and chairs is important. If the problems of students cannot be guaranteed, then students will not be able to study with peace of mind, and parents will not be at ease. The main performance of desks and chairs lies in the craftsmanship and design. The design needs to be ergonomic and visual. , body pressure sharing and other principles, to achieve long-term sitting without fatigue, to concentrate students’ attention faster, improve learning efficiency, correct students’ sitting posture, and prevent myopia; the design of the structure adopts a simple style without losing stability. Make the product more simple and generous;

In terms of technology, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly materials, with qualified formaldehyde emission, no peculiar smell, and no physical harm to students; the welding part is fully welded by a fully automatic welding robot, and the welding port is smooth and free of burrs and welding bumps, avoiding desoldering, missing welding, and virtual welding. Welding phenomenon, to ensure the stability of the overall table frame; the surface is sanded and derusted, environmentally friendly powder electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing is completed and can be used, the whole spraying process has no peculiar smell, to ensure that students perform one-time injection molding around the desktop during use., No interface, no edge, to ensure that students will not be scratched. Provide a good learning environment for students!

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