1. Educating people as the foundation and promoting development.

Facing the needs of talent training in the new era, build a new student-centered educational ecology, and promote the transformation of talent training models guided by the cultivation of students’ core literacy.

2. Application-driven, integrated innovation.

Design based on teaching scenarios, highlight application innovation, build an application environment that truly serves teaching, promote the deep integration of advanced science and technology and education and teaching, and give full play to the role of new technologies in promoting classroom teaching reform and driving educational innovation.

3. The overall planning is moderately advanced.

Coordinate the planning, design and implementation of network and digital infrastructure, use the foundation and achievements of educational informatization construction, and on the basis of meeting the actual needs of school education and teaching, moderately introduce advanced technical equipment, absorb modern excellent teaching theoretical achievements, and integrate existing With software and hardware resources, build a certain forward-looking infrastructure and an open and shared application platform.

4. Continuous optimization and characteristic development.

It not only considers the school’s own conditions, meets the current educational and teaching needs, but also considers the future development of the school. The application platform supports continuous upgrading of external high-quality technologies and applications, maintains continuous innovation and optimization functions, highlights the school’s innovative application in education informatization, and creates characteristics Bright, green, safe and efficient smart classrooms.

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