Children and adolescents spend most of their time studying and living on desks and chairs. Appropriate desks and chairs play an important role in cultivating students’ correct reading and writing habits, reducing fatigue and improving learning efficiency. Desks and chairs of improper size can affect
the growth and development of children. If the desks and chairs are too high, the distance between the eyes and the books is too close, which can easily induce myopia; if the desks and chairs are too low, you will bend over when writing, which will easily cause the curvature of the spine, which is not conducive to physical development.

In school, teachers will adjust the height of desks and chairs every semester according to the height of students. At home, how do you adjust the appropriate desks and chairs for your children?

1. If the tables and chairs at home can be adjusted in height

Please measure your child’s height, and then refer to the “Primary and Primary School Desks and Chairs Dimensions Table (GB/T 3976-2014)” below to select a suitable table and chair model, and adjust the height of the desk and chair at any time according to the child’s height.

Desks and chairs size table for primary and secondary schools

Desks and chairs models Desk height Seat height Standard height Height range
No. 1 79 46 187.5 ≥180
No. 2 76 44 180 173~187
No. 3 73 42 172.5 165~179
No. 4 70 40 165 158~172
No. 5 67 38 157.5 150~164
No. 6 64 36 150 143~157
No. 7 61 34 142.5 135~149
No. 8 58 32 135 128~142
No. 9 55 30 127.5 120~134
No. 10 52 29 120 113~127
No. 11 49 27 112.5 ≤119

01. Choose the appropriate seat height

The child sits on a chair with his thighs at a 90° angle to his calves, and his feet are on the ground or can step on the pedals. A seat with a backrest is more conducive to rest during reading and studying.

02. Measure the child’s sitting height

When the child sits, the upper body is naturally straight, the eyes look straight ahead, and the vertical distance from the top of the head to the chair surface is measured.

03. Determine the appropriate table height

The difference between the height of the table and the height of the chair is called “the height difference of the table and chairs”, and the height difference of the table and chairs is a factor that has a great influence on the sitting posture.

For elementary school students, the suitable table and chair height difference is 1/3 of their sitting height, so the table height of elementary school students = chair height + 1/3 sitting height;

For middle school students, it should be increased by 1~2.5cm on this basis, so the table height of middle school students=chair height+1/3 sitting height+1~2.5cm.

In order to protect your child’s eye health, parents are requested to cooperate with the school in the allocation of desks and chairs, equip children with adjustable desks and chairs at home, and cultivate children to develop good reading and writing postures. At the same time , help children check their eyesight every month, and seek medical treatment in time if vision declines.


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