With the development of society and the advancement of technology, the educational environment is getting more and more attention. And in the campus, students have the most contact with desks and chairs every day. A comfortable, height-appropriate, excellent lighting desks, a comfortable and reliable chair, the students’ learning efficiency and health have a great impact.


First, the comfort of school desks and chairs


The comfort of desks and chairs is an important factor that affects students’ learning efficiency and comfort. If the chairs are hard and the desk space is too confined, it will lead to students not being able to concentrate for a long time, and it will also affect their learning effect. As a result, many schools are beginning to upgrade to more comfortable and user-friendly desks and chairs.

For example, some new desks and chairs can be adjusted according to the height and size of the students to ensure that their eyes are aligned with the desks, reducing visual fatigue. In addition, the chairs have become more and more comfortable and can provide good support to ensure that students remain comfortable when sitting for long periods of time.


Second, the intelligence of school desks and chairs


In addition to comfort, the intelligence of desks and chairs has gradually become the focus of attention in schools. The application of modern technology, so that desks and chairs is not only a kind of furniture, but also become a tool that can enhance students’ learning results, enhance learning interest.

For example, there are new desks with multi-functional slots and built-in electronic devices that make it easy for students to store stationery, books and electronic devices, reducing desktop clutter and enhancing learning efficiency. In addition, some chairs can even monitor the students’ sitting posture and eye distance, timely correction of students’ bad learning habits, to help students maintain a good learning state.


Third, the environmental protection of school desks and chairs


In addition to comfort and intelligence, the environmental friendliness of desks and chairs is also gradually being emphasized. The desks and chairs made of environmentally friendly materials have become the mainstream, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution. In addition, many schools have begun to use recyclable desks and chairs to reduce waste.


Fourth, the aesthetics and culture of school desks and chairs


Finally, the aesthetics and culture of school desks and chairs are also gradually being concerned. Schools hope that desks and chairs can not only meet the learning needs of students, but also to be able to show the campus culture and characteristics. Therefore, many schools have begun to use the design combined with campus culture, so that desks and chairs become a way to show the campus spirit.


V. Summary


In summary, the upgrading of school desks and chairs should not only consider its practicality and comfort, but also combine modern technology and environmental protection concepts and other multiple factors. Only in this way can we create a comfortable, intelligent, environmentally friendly learning environment for the majority of students to provide better learning conditions, enhance their learning efficiency and the quality of campus life.

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