Today’s primary and secondary schools will provide students with enough rest to meet their sleep requirements by resting at school, and each primary and secondary school student must be guaranteed to have 10 hours of rest a day. If they are junior high school students, it will be shortened to nine hours, but these hours are enough for children to adjust their learning status.

A good night’s sleep is very important for a child’s growth. If the child maintains a state of insufficient sleep all the time, it will seriously affect the learning efficiency in class, and may also appear to doze off during the learning process, seriously unable to understand the knowledge taught by the teacher in class, which is also unintentional to academic performance.

Of course, not all schools will provide suitable places for students. After all, the school’s space is limited, which is different from home. Most of the students want to take a short break during school, and they can only relieve their fatigue by lying on the table, and some primary and middle school students start to brainstorm in order to be more comfortable during the rest.


Different schools have thought of various ways to ensure that students can get enough sleep and quality. Some schools will choose to prepare tatami mats for students, so that students can rest on the ground at will. Of course, some schools will specially prepare to vacuum classrooms. Come to give students a rest, but not all schools can provide such hardware conditions, and if tatami mats are really used, it will affect more time in the process of transportation.

Recently, a desk and chair in Hangzhou can save students time and make the rest process more comfortable. Many parents have begun to notice this small desk.


This table is not like the ones we usually see in school. The seats made by students are wrapped with gray cloth, and a baffle is placed in front of the table.

This desk is completely matched with the physical structure of people in the process of learning, so that learning can be guaranteed. Children develop a good habit of writing with correct posture from an early age. At the same time, it can also help students alleviate the possibility of myopia to a certain extent. Moreover, such a desk has a relatively large storage space, and students can make good use of this space to store some gifts or schoolbags.


Of course, this desk is the most popular because it can be transformed from a normal study desk to a couch, and the length adjustment method is relatively simple. You only need to manually adjust the watch to achieve such an operation.

It can be seen that such tables and chairs can indeed allow children to rest more comfortably. If such tables and chairs can be popularized all over the country, it means that each parent only needs to prepare a blanket to ensure that their children can rest comfortably. .


For elementary and middle school students, getting enough sleep is beneficial; if you have a class in the morning and have a chance to take a break at noon, then you can ensure that the afternoon study can keep up with the teacher’s class rhythm, which is good for learning.

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