The quality of classroom furniture significantly impacts the effectiveness of student learning and teacher instruction. High-quality furniture—from kindergarten tables and chairs to advanced smart boards—not only enhances comfort but also boosts productivity. That’s why schools should collaborate with a reliable school furniture wholesaler. Hebei Comnenir Furniture Sales Co., Ltd. stands out as a top choice due to its extensive experience in supplying quality school furniture across North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.


About our location and capabilities


Strategically located in Bazhou City close to the Tianjin port, our factory enjoys easy access to major transportation and shipping routes. This allows us to deliver our products promptly to over 40 countries worldwide.


In terms of manufacturing, Hebei Comnenir boasts a highly skilled production team and employs a rigorous quality control system. This minimises customer complaints and ensures faster delivery times.


Innovation in school furniture design


It’s essential for school furniture to adapt to the evolving needs of both students and educators. Our dedicated in-house research and development team focuses on identifying the latest trends in school furniture, including innovative designs for kindergarten tables and chairs. Our technical support capabilities also enable us to undertake ODM and OEM projects. Currently, our production capacity allows us to create at least 10,000 chairs per day.


Quality and variety for every educational setting


We are committed to excellence in school furniture, and our team continuously develops high-quality, ergonomic products suitable for educational environments. We offer these products at competitive prices to meet various budget needs. For example, our range of kindergarten tables and chairs features stackable plastic seats, drawing-friendly long wood grain tables, and moon-shaped tables. We also offer adjustable-height chairs and tables to accommodate the growth of young children.


Explore our Comnenir brand.


We invite you to browse this website to learn more about Hebei Comnenir and our Comnenir brand. You can discover our weekly new arrivals, which currently include an attractive range of kindergarten tables and chairs designed with children’s needs in mind.


For further information or to discuss your school’s specific furniture needs, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp at +86-1863126001.


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