The safety standards of student desks and chairs mainly include the following aspects, and the following items are basic items. If any one of them fails, the product will fail.

1. The lifting and adjusting mechanism should be equipped with a locking device or a limiting device, which should be flexible, reliable and safe.

2. The gap between the relatively moving mechanical device parts and the contact parts of the human body should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

3. The flip device should be equipped with a buffer or damping device.

4. All parts should be without damage.

5. The radius of the rounded edges of the seat surface, chair back and armrests that are in contact with the human body should not be less than 2mm.

6. Certain parts that may cause injury should be impossible to access unless special disassembly tools are used. Desks and chairs should not be disassembled at will unless special disassembly tools are used.

7. Parts using lubricating oil should be properly covered.

8. There should be no pipe fittings with unsealed ends in the metal parts, and the stuffy covers should not be easy to fall off.

9. The diameter of all uncovered holes should be ≤5mm or ≥25mm.

10. There should be no burrs, edges, sharp edges, penetrating nails or other sharp objects in parts that come into contact with the human body or where items are stored.

The above is the content of the safety standards for student desks and chairs. I hope it will be helpful to you. Finally, it is recommended that when choosing a desk and chair manufacturer, you should not only focus on the low price, but also pay attention to the relevant cost-effectiveness.

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