1. Multimedia teaching equipment stimulates students’ interest

Comnenir Smart Classroom

In the traditional teaching model, students are often faced with static textbooks and blackboard writing.This teaching method is difficult to stimulate students’ interest in learning. However, the introduction of multimedia devices completely changed this situation. Through multimedia devices, we can convert static text into dynamic images, so that color and speed can be controlled. This teaching method of turning stillness into movement and silence into sound has greatly stimulated students’ interest in learning and improved their enthusiasm for learning. For example, when teaching the lesson “Yantai’s Sea”, we can use multimedia technology to present Yantai’s geographical location, four seasons of maritime wonders and the lives of local people to students, so that they can feel as if they are at the seaside and feel the magnificence and beauty of the ocean. beauty.

2. Multimedia teaching equipment creates learning situations

Multimedia teaching equipment can not only stimulate students’ interest in learning, but also create rich and diverse learning situations for students.Through multimedia technology, we can present the text content in vivid pictures so that students can better understand the text content. For example, when teaching the lesson “The Captain”, we can play scenes similar to the movie “Titanic” to let students feel the captain’s bravery and noble spirit in times of crisis. In addition, we can also create a strong artistic atmosphere through wonderful music and beautiful songs, so that students can feel the beauty of language and emotion while appreciating music.

3. Multimedia teaching equipment breaks through important and difficult points in teaching

The introduction of multimedia teaching equipment makes abstract knowledge concrete and visual, thereby helping students better understand the text content. Through multimedia equipment, we can intuitively display difficult-to-understand content or content that plays an important role in understanding the text, allowing students to maximize their potential and improve teaching efficiency. For example, when teaching the lesson “Zhan Tianyou”, we can display the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway map through multimedia equipment so that students can better understand the importance of this railway and Zhan Tianyou’s outstanding contribution. At the same time, we can also demonstrate the “herringbone” line designed by Zhan Tianyou through animation, so that students can more intuitively understand the ingenuity of this design.

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