Collaborative learning is one of the buzzwords in modern education. It encourages a more effective learning experience by allowing students to work in small groups or pairs to find solutions or discuss concepts. According to educational researchers, this type of learning helps clarify misconceptions and prevent misunderstandings. Plus, it helps learners develop their oral communication, thinking, leadership, and self-management skills.

But is your classroom equipped for collaborative learning? Perhaps it’s time to invest in specially designed collaborative tables for classrooms. At Hebei Comnenir, we offer a wide range of collaborative classroom furniture to promote collaboration, teamwork, and social engagement in the learning environment. We can design these pieces to suit specific requirements.

P-Series collaborative media table

Measuring 42” x 72” x 29”, the P-series collaborative media table combines collaboration and functionality to suit media centres, STEM classrooms, and conference rooms with multimedia applications. We can design the floating tabletop in any size or shape to suit classrooms or workspaces that encourage face-to-face interaction. Plus, we equip these desks with power and USB ports to allow users to share and exchange content and ideas from their devices. We can also add a TV mount for securing a screen.

Collaborative desk and chair set

We also offer a set of chairs with collaborative tables for classrooms. With specially designed tabletops, these tables can easily be arranged to form a larger table for tasks where students are required to sit and work together. Each piece is ergonomically designed and easy to clean to keep students comfortable without compromising their safety and health.

We customise collaborative furniture.

As furniture manufacturers, our team at Hebei Comnenir will listen to your requirements and customise collaborative tables in specific materials, colours, and finishes. Contact us here or call +86-1863126001 to discuss your needs. If you find other collaborative tables for classrooms from other sources, tell us, and we’ll match their price.

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