1. circular arrangement of tables and chairs

Remove all tables and arrange chairs in a circle so that students can meet face-to-face. If arranged in a large circle, it is suitable for whole class discussion. If students need a table to write at, line up the tables outside the circle and turn them directly around when they need to write.
2. if the classroom is large enough, you can start by arranging the tables and chairs so that each group can work on a group learning activity. Keep the teams farther apart to prevent interruptions . Don’t let the distance be so far that you can’t reach them.
3. desks and chairs
of the grouping are arranged to place the seats close together on one side of the combination table so that students can touch. Some students will need to adjust their chairs slightly to see the board, teacher and projection screen. Move chairs from each group to the front of the classroom to prevent students from turning their heads frequently.
4. Horseshoe arrangement of desks and chairs
Students can read and write at their own desks, as well as see the teacher and audio-visual media directly. Students can have face-to -face contact with each other. Have students sit side by side. The teacher can walk into the middle of the horseshoe and distribute handouts at any time. Make sure there is enough space between the horseshoes. A semicircle can also be formed in the group .
5.Formal Conference Arrangements for Desks and Chairs Desks that are long or round lend themselves to this arrangement, which decreases the importance of the teacher and increases the importance of the students. If the teacher is seated as shown in Figure 1, it creates an atmosphere for the meeting. If the teacher is in the center, the isolated students feel neglected. You can also line up long tables in a hollow way.
6. The arrangement of desks and chairs is suitable for active manipulative and experimentally oriented teaching situations. Iron beds are made from ordinary angle iron to make iron frame beds, which are cheap to produce and process, and screw holes are made with a drill press , welded with a welding machine, and painted. Immediately after the teacher demonstrates the instruction, students can sit at the table and work together. If you need to train learning partners, one workstation is suitable for two people.

Table and chair seat height: the distance from the highest point of the seat surface to the ground, generally 400-420 mm;
Platform panel height: the height of the platform and the ground: {+-*/) sitting angle: the angle between the surface seating and the horizontal, generally 2 to 56;
Rear angle: the angle between the back and the horizontal, may be 100 to 120; Total width of each row of seats: the large width of a single row of seats;
Seat width: the width of the seat panels is generally greater than 400 mm;
Seat depth: the distance from the front of the seat plate to the back of the seat plate: generally not less than 400 mm. Seat back height: the size from the seat surface to the highest point of the seat back; Total seat back height : the distance from the highest point of the seat back to the floor;
Armrest height: the distance from the highest point of the armrest to the ground;
Total depth: the distance from the front point of the seat to the back point of the seat usually affects the pitch of the seat.
Desks and chairs are designed to meet the needs of the new curriculum, small class sizes, middle and high school classroom instruction, and other classroom spirit. This is done to meet the standards and to fit the functional needs of the teaching aids, as well as to relatively increase the effective use area for student work, manipulation, and learning, taking into account the conditions of the school building.
The design of desks and chairs need to pay special attention to the gender of desks and chairs. School furniture its main role is: in the use of the process can effectively exercise the majority of teachers and students, can effectively and efficiently increase the interest of the curriculum, create a better learning and living environment, so as to more effectively promote the physical and mental health of students, positive development, to ensure that the teaching effect. Iron beds with ordinary angle iron to do iron frame beds, production and processing costs are very low, with a drill press to play screw holes, welded with a welding machine, brush paint. The main performance in three aspects: one is the design, two is the technology, three is the material. *** Translated
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