1. Natural and environmentally friendly School desks and chairs are generally made of solid wood desks. There is no doubt that naturalness and environmental protection are the advantages of solid wood desks. Compared with artificial board furniture, the amount of glue used in the processing of solid wood furniture is very small. The amount of glue used in furniture It is related to the environmental protection of furniture.

2. Strong applicability Desks and chairs can be freely adjusted in height and have various combinations

3. Easy to move The desks and chairs are made of high-strength tested aluminum alloy, which is very light and suitable for transportation and storage, and there is no need to worry about damaging the floor.

4. Stable structure The connection strength of the desks and chairs is very high and stable, and the support mechanism design is very scientific. The overall structure of the desks and chairs is safe and stable, which is reassuring. 5. Corrosion resistance Desks and chairs do not require maintenance. All parts of the desks and chairs have been treated with anti-oxidation treatment, will not rust, and are resistant to corrosion by chemical substances, so they can be used with confidence.


 1. Uncomfortable The design of some desks and chairs is not user-friendly enough, and the angles of the seats and backrests are inappropriate, which makes students feel uncomfortable sitting on them for a long time and affects learning efficiency.

2. There are safety hazards The structural design of some desks and chairs is not strong enough, and they are prone to loosening and breaking during use, posing safety risks.

3. Unsightly The appearance design of some desks and chairs is not beautiful enough and looks old, which is not conducive to beautifying the school environment.

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