In preparation for the peak season of school desks and chairs, we have invested an additional $2 million in the construction of a new factory and warehouse. This investment is a testament to our firm belief in the potential of the educational market and the quality of our products. The new factory is equipped with the most advanced automated production lines, which can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality to meet the growing market demand.


The planning of the new factory was meticulous, with rigorous review and optimization from design to construction. The layout of the factory is rational, ensuring a smooth and efficient production process. At the same time, we have paid special attention to environmental protection and the working environment of our employees, installing advanced air purification systems to provide a healthy and comfortable working space.

The design of the warehouse is also very user-friendly, adopting an efficient storage management system to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of inventory. We have introduced automated warehousing equipment, such as automated stacking machines and conveyor belt systems, to reduce manual handling, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

In addition, to better serve our customers, we have also strengthened our logistics and distribution capabilities. We have established cooperative relationships with several well-known logistics companies to ensure that our products can be safely and quickly delivered to our customers.

With the completion of the new factory and warehouse, we expect to double our production capacity during the peak season to meet the market demand. We believe that through continuous technological innovation and optimized management, our brand will occupy a more important position in the field of educational furniture, providing more schools and educational institutions with high-quality products and services.

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